fine art relocation

Fine Art Relocation

express cargo has fast become a market leader when it comes to UAE movers and logistics specialists. With a network of partners around the world, we are able to deliver goods, industrial equipment, and personal effects of all shapes and sizes, anywhere that you need them to go.

When you want to move expensive items, you don’t want to leave them to ‘just another moving company’. Instead, you want professionals who are experienced, come highly recommended, and who understand the needs of your unique cargo. This is no truer than in cases where you need to move fine paintings.

Packing and shipping paintings are not something that can be done by cutting corners. Our UAE movers take an almost scientific approach to shipping your valuable, treasured paintings. Everything from wrapping and packing, to crating, and finally transporting the paintings is done according to the unique requirements of your property. Oil, gesso, acrylic, and other paintings require different care. That’s why we take a different approach every time. It’s one that is perfectly tailored for you, and this method is what has enabled customers all over the emirates to trust the movers at express cargo.

Of course, there’s everything else that comes with being a MECARGO customer. Your moving project will be managed by only the most experienced logistics experts and UAE movers. You won’t have to worry about customs, loading, and transport, or even storage. We take care of everything, providing you with an absolute peace of mind when you’re moving fine paintings and other artwork.

Why we’re different:

  • We will pick up from any location. Corporate, residential, or even storage.
  • Our packaging leaves nothing to chance. Padding and exterior protection are a given, and we’ll also moisture protect your artwork whenever necessary, such as when transportation will be carried out by sea.
  • Containers are designed to protect your property, even when the unexpected happens. Special buffer packaging is used where there are two, and even three inner packages separating your painting from the final packing layer.
  • Specialized crates can be manufactured for ultimate protection. These are fabricated using heat treated timber and conform to ISPM-15 standards.
  • High-value investment paintings are given VIP treatment. Storage can be guarded upon request, and insurance is available for any shipment.
  • Museum standard protection is provided in the form of climate controlled shipping, and fire safe storage and transport.
  • We’re flexible to your needs. Do you need expedited shipping? Do you need an extended storage solution? Talk to us about any of your requirements. We will go the distance to ensure that your experience can’t be beaten by any other Emirates mover.

We ship all over the world, any day of the year. Whether you’re a museum curator, a private collector, or the proud owner of a family heirloom, let express cargo move you’re fine paintings like only we know how to.

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